Waterford & The Railways

Towards the end of the 19th Century, rural Ireland was criss-crossed by a matrix of local railway networks and branch lines. Waterford was the best served provincial city with no less than six railway lines servicing the City at one time. It still enjoys this status with the three remaining lines, to Dublin, Limerick and Rosslare.

The first station within Waterford City was Manor Street Station, serving Tramore. The Waterford & Tramore Railway (WTR) line opened with great celebrations on 5th September 1853. This was followed by more celebrations in 1854 when Waterford City was finally, after many delays, connected to Limerick and Kilkenny. The Waterford Limerick Railway (WLR) and Waterford Kilkenny Railway (WKR) were extended from their temporary station at Dunkitt, about two miles outside Waterford City, to Sallypark, site of the present goods yard. On the 26th August 1864, the terminus was moved to the present location, Waterford North or Plunkett Station. While the terminus was at Sallypark, WLR operated a free steamer service for its passengers to the city quay avoiding the expense of the 1793 built toll bridge nicknamed "Timbertoes".

The much loved Waterford & Tramore line remained an isolated branch for the 107 years of its life. Its closure in 1960 was in hindsight short-sighted. This line was very dear to the hearts of Waterford people as they recall happy childhood excursions to the seaside on the train. The original railway restoration group had researched the possibility of rebuilding this line but the station and huge chunks of the route had been built over, making it an impossible task.

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